Neta Yelken Okulu

Sailing School Programs

Yacht Sailing Training

A- Basic Yacht Training

This is a training program that aims to teach basic sailing skills to beginners or those with limited knowledge of sailing and seamanship. This training program aims to train individuals who know the basic safety rules at sea, are familiar with the yacht and all its equipment, and have grasped the principles of sailing in accordance with the maritime knowledge they have acquired. This training aims to ensure that individuals have all the knowledge and skills necessary to operate a yacht under the supervision of an instructor.

B- Advanced Yacht Training

It aims to provide advanced level sailing principles and sailing dynamics to trainees who have received basic level yacht training, to provide the ability to navigate and manage a yacht from one point to another by completing sailing planning skills with meteorology and navigation knowledge.

C- Sailing Orientation Program

Do you have an idea about sailing boats or have you heard about them and want to learn more? Come on, let’s learn together whether sailing is for you with our one-day introductory training.

Experience Programs

Do you have a boat or not, but you rent it and don’t feel comfortable in some areas? Together, we focus on these areas, if you wish on your own boat, and take your sailing to the next level.

Deck Academy

More than a sailing training; both an activity, a personal development opportunity related to your interests and a pleasure opportunity with a yacht. Please contact us for information about our Deck Academy programs.